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Our Metodology

Espanhol Macanudo’s methodology is 100% communicative, with the use of diverse educational resources, such as newspaper articles, audio conversations, music, videos, and scenarios from daily life. Students are able to develop reading, writing, and conversation skills in professional and personal situations. This ensures dynamism, efficiency and relaxation during learning.


Our tailor-made private lessons can be face-to-face, online or In-Company. We make packages for companies that wish to have Spanish a core competency of their teams.

Our Students


Supply Chain

Rolando has two characteristics that I value a lot, punctuality and dynamism!! Our classes always start at the scheduled time and pass by quickly because classes are always very dynamic and engaging. Rolando also has a very broad knowledge of the Spanish language (which helps me, because I have contact with at least 3 countries in Latin America) where he can convey confidence about the aspects of the language as spoken in each country.


Corporate communication

I highly recommend Rolando's classes. He is dedicated to the lesson schedule, which is always very productive and fun. The classes are fairly balanced between conversation and grammar, which helps me a lot to understand better and work the points where I still need to improve. And besides, he's super nice and good-humored, also at 7:00 AM!



Rolando, is a distinguished teacher with a quality teaching style and does not hesitate to use various materials to make the learning process more attractive, such as books, newspaper articles, and electronic media. Add to this his passion for Brazilian culture that makes every subject a focus of intense debates that accelerate the use of language and increase my vocabulary.



The lessons with Rolando are fantastic. In addition to improving my knowledge of Spanish, the exchange of ideas and him sharing his vision of the world has increased the value of classes. It allows you to review grammar, practice speech and writing, and simultaneously discover new ways of being. Thank you, Rolando for allowing me, in a way, to discover Latin America! 


Forward Deployed Engineer

Extremely punctual and professional teacher, follows the material in an organized way but still leaving the classes well relaxed. He is accustomed to teaching Brazilians so he has experience in the most common mistakes and vices we have committed. I strongly recommend it, so much so that I kept scoring weekly classes!


Project Coordinator

Rolando is a great teacher and very attentive. His classes are very didactic, well-organized and dynamic. This is my first experience with online tutoring and today I highly recommend it to several people. Rolando set the classes according to my needs and in a short time I already feel a great improvement to the point of being able to use the language in commitments and tasks related to my work. I recommend him very much!


Public Policy Researcher

Rolando is a great teacher! He quickly sees what our greatest difficulties are and focuses on them instead of lingering on topics we already know. He already has a lot of contact with Brazilian students, which reinforces the points that Brazilians naturally have more difficulties with. I highly recommend him!


Digital Marketing

I take classes with Rolando twice a week and I'm enjoying myself a lot. The methodology that Rolando uses is very exciting. And although I am not Brazilian, he was able to adapt the course in a very competent way. I super recommend him, even for foreigners! :)

To see these and other testimonials, access our profiles on Superprof website.


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