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Espanhol Macanudo

Macanudo, in Spanish, means good, magnificent, extraordinary, excellent. And colloquially speaking is something very cool, that people really enjoy.


This is the purpose of the Espanhol Macanudo project: to teach the  Spanish language in a relaxed way and with excellence.


Therefore, classes go far beyond grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation: they involve different aspects of the Spanish language and the culture of the countries where it is spoken.

What is our proposal?

Espanhol Macanudo emerged as a response to specific needs in learning Spanish, such as preparation for international exams, recruitment and hiring process, professional travel, and Spanish for business improvement.


In this sense, Spanish classes are developed from real and contextualized situations, in addition to being based on contemporary themes. Meetings are designed in a personalized way, developing in a differentiated way the skills that students require to communicate in Spanish.

Who makes

Espanhol Macanudo?

Hola! My name is Rolando Barreto, I'm 33 years old, I'm Peruvian and I've lived in São Paulo for almost three years. I am passionate about Latin American culture, I have been to half the countries in South America and have always been interested in different aspects of the Spanish language.


It was this curiosity that led me to give my first Spanish classes at the NGO Canto Cidadão in Sao Paulo. Today, I’ve dedicated more than two and a half years to private Spanish classes for executives, university students, and professionals from different areas. In 2018, I received the title of Professor Ambassador on the Superprof platform.


I have also been Research Assistant at FGV-RI, Analyst in the development of educational courses of the Ministry of Education in Peru, Assistant Professor for the Master in Public Management at the School of Government and Public Policy of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP). In addition to the Spanish Macanudo project, I am completing a Master's degree in Public Policy and Management at FGV-EAESP.

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Rolando Barreto

Founder & Teacher

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