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Learning Spanish is 

easy and awesome

Proficiency Tests

Do you want to prepare for DELE, SIELE, CELU or another Spanish proficiency exam? We can help you reach the level you need.

Business Spanish aimed at professionals in leadership positions. Ask About our corporate plans for companies.

for Travel
Spanish Classes

We teach you the most common phrases, slang, and peculiarities of Spanish spoken in different countries.

Do you want to study without leaving home? Do you not have much free time?  We have Spanish classes on Skype as good as the face to face.

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It’s possible to learn Spanish in a simple, efficient, and convenient way. With Espanhol Macanudo, you’ll have personalized classes, designed according to your needs.

Thaíssa foto de perfil do LinkedIn
Thaíssa Rosa,
Mechanical Engineer

Rolando is a great teacher! In addition to being considerate, his materials are complete and he likes to make sure that my pronunciation and writing are always correct. Our classes are a lot of fun, I barely notice the time go by. I definitely recommend him! :)

Leonardo foto de perfil do LinkedIn
Technical Account Manager

Rolando is a great teacher and an amazing person! I work in an Argentine company and classes with him have helped me a lot to improve my communication in Spanish. He is very rigorous and has excellent teaching skills. If you are looking for a reliable teacher, I strongly recommend him.

Marcela foto de perfil do LinkedIn
Marcela Raposo,
Compliance Manager

Rolando is an excellent teacher, he’s attentive and cares about developing the student to achieve his or her principal objective. He is also super punctual and reliable, his classes are very dynamic, tailored to each student's needs, and use different methods.

Our students say

Espanhol Macanudo


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